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Calendar Events, Tasks, and Deadlines

This page covers 3 types of records you can create in LegalServer:
  • Events - have start and stop times (or are all day); appear on the Day/Week/Month views and the Event List
  • Tasks - appear on the Task List on the main calendar page are also displayed on the default home page. Often called ticklers.
  • Deadlines - are a special type of task that appear in task lists and in the Day/Week/Month view of the calendar
  • Each type of record can be created from the Actions or Options menu of the main calendar page. Each type can also be created from the Actions menu on a case or outreach to link the record to the case or outreach.

  • Tasks and Deadlines can be used without using the calendar feature, and vice versa. 

Also see: Video on using this feature.

Day/Week/Month Views

These are 'graphical' views of events and deadlines. By default, these views only display events and deadlines of the person viewing them. Fitlers are provided in each view to see the events and deadlines for other users or entire offices or programs.

Event List

The Event List displays calendar events (but not deadlines) in a standard LegalServer list. The Event List is particularly useful for displaying a large number of events and/or events over a long range of dates. In addition, the list provides the standard export to Excel feature other lists have.

Common Features

Each site has a certain amount of control over the forms that create events, tasks, and deadlines. Commonly used features are:


Site administrators can create lists of types for each record. Types are useful in filters, for example to filter the Event List for all upcoming events with the type "Court Appearance" to see who will be in court.


Each record typically has a note field and the notes entered can be emailed from the record.

Multiple Attendees/Users

Each record can be linked to multiple users (called Attendees in events). Records will appear on the task list or calendar of each user linked.


Each record can have an optional reminder sent at a specified time. Reminders can be sent by email and/or through the internal Message Center if that feature is enabled.

Optional Privacy

By default, these records are shared throughout an organization. Each record can optionally be marked private so it does not appear to other users, or in the case of events, will appear on the calendar as a block of time with no detail information.

Due Date Calculator

Tasks and deadlines typically have a due date, and a Calculator link that can be used to enter a due date by entering a number of days from the current date.

Recurring Events

Calendar events can recur. If you select a recurring period you must also select a recurrence end date. Tip: Pick an end date not too far in the future. The recurrence feature creates standalone events that cannot be deleted as a group. If the recurrence creates 35 events and you decide to delete them, you would have to delete each event individually.

Viewing Events in Another Application

LegalServer provides a webcal feed of each user's calendar events. See Viewing Your LegalServer Calendar Events in Another Application for more information.