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Case Note API

Purpose: LegalServer allows an external application to create a case note via an API (Application Programming Interface). 

Cost: There is no cost for this feature.

Note: The creation of API services and programming endpoints is a fairly advanced topic, and outside the scope of general support.  For questions beyond enabling the features, LegalServer provides hourly paid support services, which can include coordinating with your outside vendor's development team.

URL:  /matter/api/create_case_note

Verb: GET or POST

Permissions:   API Create Case Note


case_number         like 14-1234567

note                        any string


subject                    any string

type                        like 3302265 (this is the lookup ID of the custom note type you've created)

url-encoded example:

The API call can be sent in a variety of ways.  A common example is a program written in PHP that uses curl.  API calls can be *tested in the site's browser by an authenticated user.