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Grant Assignments

One or more users can be assigned to a grant for administrative purposes.

This does not affect who can use the grant for cases, time, etc.

LegalServer provides a static "Assignments" process and form that may be sufficient for your site.

A site with dynamic grant processes and forms can be configured so a grant has one Primary assignment, and zero or more Secondary assignments.

Configuring for Primary and Secondary Assignments

* Visit the Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles page, and change the Module to "Grant".

NB: If you are on an older site that does not have dynamic grant processes and forms, and a dynamic grant profile, you will need to build, at a minimum, a dynamic grant profile, a dynamic create/edit form, and a dynamic create process and edit process. 

* Create an auxiliary form named "Grant Assignments" (or whatever you want to call it) that contains the Assignments list view and the Create Assignment block. Choose the option to "Create New Process Containing This Form", or you will need to manually create the auxiliary process.

* Edit the grant profile, and change the Side/Action Elements section. This will typically involve replacing the static "Add/Edit Asssignments" entry in a Custom Link Box element with your newly created process.