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The Charges feature allows recording one or more criminal charges against the client. 

Cost: No additional cost. Enabled by default for public defenders. (Enabled for all sites effective 2020-10-02).

Adding Charges

Site administrators typically enable this feature by creating an Actions menu link on cases called "Charges" (the name of the link is configurable) that displays an add/edit type form:

Site administrators also typically place a list of charges on the case profile:

Add Charges Block
This block displays the fields needed to create a Charge record, or multiple Charge records, on a case.

This block is typically placed on an auxiliary form that is called by a "Charges" auxiliary process. The Charges list view element is usually placed on the main profile to display existing activities.

Only built-in fields can be displayed on the Add Charges (multiple) block.  Custom fields can be used when adding charges one at a time.

Two lookups are relevant to this block:

* Charge - Charge lookup
* Disposition - Charge Outcome lookup

Other fields relevant to this block:

*Charge Date
*Top Charge (Boolean)
*Warrant Number (Text)
*Disposition Date
*Arraignment Date
*Note Field

Add Charge (single) Block

This block can be placed on an auxiliary form with custom charge fields.

Top Charge

A charge may be flagged as Top Charge from the Add Single Charge block. If there is no top charge currently, the block will default to "top charge."  Any subsequent charge you flag as the Top Charge will remove that flag from any previous charge.

Charges Listview

The Charges listview element is usually placed on the main profile to display charges on a case.

The Charges listview allows you to display the following columns:

*Top Charge
*Disposition Date
*Warrant Number

Note: Site admins can also enable custom default filters on that listview.