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ADP Data Export

Purpose: Allows exporting time data for a pay period to a CSV file that can be input into ADP.

Cost: $3,500.00 one time setup charge.

Using the Module

Go to the Admin > Generate ADP Data page, enter a Start Date, then click the Continue button to generate the CSV (comma separated values) file in the format ADP needs.

Agency Information PSTI Needs for Initial Setup

* Company code
* Day of the week payroll starts (Saturday, Sunday, etc.)
* Payroll period (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.)
* The start date of a recent period, for example 01/05/2014
* Timekeeping Categories and Subcategories (see below)

Required User Information

User profiles need to be maintained to include:

* ADP File Number
* Overtime Exempt
* Full-Time Employee
* FTE Percentage

Lookup Setup

The Timekeeping Activity Types, Timekeeping Categories, and Timekeeping Subcategory lookups determine how the data is output. These are generally setup as 'system' values by PSTI to avoid accidentally breaking the data export.

Timekeeping Subcategories
* Paid Leave Time
* Unpaid Leave Time
* Work Time

Timekeeping Categories
Bracketed values are the values that appear in the CSV file. Examples:

* [65] SW Holiday
* [E] SX Leave
* [G] SV Jury
* Paid Work Time
* [S] SY Sick Leave
* [Z] SU Funeral

Timekeeping Activity Types
These are dictated by the timekeeping categories and appear (or are set) on timeslips. Examples:

* SU Funeral Leave
* SV Jury Duty
* SW Holiday
* SX Leave
* SY Sick Leave

Overtime Type