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AGM Basic Navigation and Profiles

AGM Grants Profile

General Information, Funding Filters, and Contract Terms

Typical Additional AGM Grants Profile Tabs

Notes, Documents can be associated with a grant's management.
Assignments - Internal staff responsible for management and reporting on the grant.
Contacts - These are Funder contacts, if you needed to speak to the funder staff.
Reports - Reports tagged as useful for reporting to this funder for this Grant.
Tasks and Deadlines can be associated with a grant's management.
Subordinate Grant Information shows

Contract Term Profile

Contract Terms

Contract Terms are also known as Grant Periods. They represent a Grant for a specific time period.

Contract Term Profile

Contract Term Allocations are also knows as Grant Period Allocations. They are Contract Terms applied to a specific Branch.  There may be a single allocation per contract term if there is only one branch.