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AGM Grant Controls

AGM Grants - Grant Main Profile

The AGM Grant Profile page shows standard grant information, plus additional information used by AGM.

General Information


Name of Grant (Source)Association about Foreclosed
Primary Funding SourceFederal
Funding AgencyIRS-The US Internal Revenue Service
Funding Agency InitiativeN/A
Grant Corporate OwnerSouth Gracia Branch
Grant StatusAwarded
Is this a Master Grant?N/A
Funding Code Lock on Cases once time is postedNo
Funding Code Lock on Outreaches once time is postedNo

Funding Filters

On the Funding Filters tab, view:
  • Case Restrictions
  • Time Restrictions
  • Contract Term Allocations
  • Outreach Restrictions
Contract Terms

View a list of contract terms, including:
  • Name
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Total Salary Budgeted Amount
  • Funds Available

Locking Funding Codes on a Case or Outreach

There are two ways in which the funding code on a case or outreach can be locked.

1) Manually lock Funding Code on Case or Outreach

On the static funding code edit page (for example after clicking the funding code in the Case Summary section of the side bar).

User role permission needed to lock the funding code on the case or outreach.

User role permission needed to unlock a funding code on a case or outreach.

2) Automatically Lock Funding Code on a Case or Outreach

Upon posting time, if the Grant is flagged with the indicator to lock funding code upon posting time, and there is time that is posted on this funding code, then the funding code on that case or outreach gets locked.