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Area Median Income Calculation

Purpose: Calculate Area Median Income (AMI) category for cases.

Cost: There is no cost to use this module. It must be enabled by PSTI. Search the Admin page on your site for "AMI" to determine if it is enabled.

Setup: Setting up AMI requires two steps:

1. Placing the AMI Poverty Category block on the desired form(s).

2. Entering values in one or more AMI tables on the Admin > AMI page.

Notes on Block Placement
AMI category is calculated by the block by comparing the matter's county of residence and total income to the AMI tables on the site. Therefore to get the calculated default, the block needs to be on a form after county of residence and income have been saved. The block is typically placed on an intake form, and an auxiliary form for editing/recalculation after a case is opened.

Adding a new AMI table: