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Callbacks Module

This help topic covers the basics of the Callback module and its configuration. There is no cost associated to this module, but it must be enabled by LegalServer. If you are interested in this module, submit a ticket request from your site.

Creating a Callback

To create a callback, you must first enter a prescreen. At the end of the prescreen, choose the screening status of "Pending Callback" (this is a system value that must be enabled first).

The prescreen will then appear on the Callbacks listview on the main Cases tab. The listview includes a link for "Call Now" that can be used to record call attempts. Once the callback is complete, users can update the screening status as desired.

Configuring Callbacks 

Once the module is enabled, you must activate the new system screening status for "Pending Callback". Two values will automatically be added to your site, "Pending Callback: in same office" and "Pending Callback: in another office". Most groups only need the first value and generally will rename it to just "Pending Callback".

You can optionally add the block for "Responsible for calling/primary advocate" if you'd like to set a specific user as responsible for calling. If you do so, there is also a listview of "My Callbacks" that can be added to the homepage.

**If you use the "Responsible for calling/primary advocate block" you must have a two page prescreen, as the block will not save on the first page of the prescreen. This block must also be above the "screening status", which must be on the last page of the process.**

You must also add a new tab and the "Callbacks" listview to your cases section front. This does require you to use a dynamic section front, so you may have to update that if you have not already.
Other Callbacks Considerations

The field "best time to call" can also be added to the prescreen form (above screening status) and will appear in the Callbacks listview if set.

The system "Pending Callback" screening status MUST be used to record a callback. Adding a custom value will not result in the prescreens showing in the callbacks listview.

Callbacks can not be set behind branch logic.

There is also a configuration within the screening status block to show "callback reason" which can be enabled if desired.