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External Forms

This feature allows an External Form to be completed by a client who receives a link to the form by email, or SMS if enabled.  The agency may choose to also let internal staff fill out the same form using a separate process but the same forms.

Price: $450 without the SMS module. No additional charge if SMS is enabled. If you already have the SMS module, file a ticket from your site asking that External Forms be enabled.

If External Forms are already enabled for your site, there will be an extra tab on the Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles page called External Profiles:

Create External Processes and Forms

Create the External Profile

[Actions -> New Matter External Profile] 

The person will see this profile after the external process is completed. Initially, this can simply be an instruction that says something like: "Thank you for your responses".

Create a new auxiliary form(s):

[Actions -> New Auxiliary Form

When creating this form, be sure to select the process types 'External Auxiliary' and 'Auxiliary'.

This is the form the person will see when they click the external form link. It contains the fields and other elements you want them to see.

Create an external auxiliary process

[Actions -> New External Auxiliary Process]  

Add the New Auxiliary Form created above to the New External Auxiliary Process

An example might be the 'Housing Stability Update' process, which includes the forms called 'Housing Update Step 1' and 'Housing Update Step 2'.

Create a Form and a Process for Staff to Send a Link to Clients

Place the 'Client Survey Send Request' block on a auxiliary form called something like 'Send External Form'.

Create an internal auxiliary process, something like 'Send External Form Process', and enable the form 'Send External Form' form you just created on it.

Actions Menu Items

Add the process, 'Send External Form Process', to the Actions menu.
-> Only one instance of the 'Send External Form Process' is required.  The user can then pick from any of the active 'External Auxiliary' Forms to send.

Add the Process for External Form Completion by agency
-> This is used (optionally) to allow your internal staff to fill out the form for the client, for use if an internal worker talks a client through the questions.

View Responses on the Case Profile

Put the Client Survey Results block in the desired location on your case profile(s).

What the Recipient Sees


Instead of having your (optional) internal process set to display the External Profile, consider creating another step that has summary or display only fields for your internal workers to see a summary of what they entered.