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Generating and Saving Immigration Forms

Overview: The Immigration Forms Module in LegalServer allows agencies to collect case information that can then be pulled into a variety of immigration forms. 

Starting the Form Process
Site administrators will set up an auxiliary process with the Immigration Forms block and/or Listview, usually called something like "Add/Edit Immigration Forms." The user can then choose the appropriate form and select "Form Process" to begin the process of selecting the actors, address, and other information needed in that form.

Selecting the Persons
The first step of the process is to select which persons on a case will be used for each Person Actor on a form. By default "Applicant" will generally default to the client, "Preparer" will generally default to the Primary Advocate, "Family Member" will default to family, and so on, though the user can choose a different person for each person role. 

Reviewing and Editing Related Information
For each actor, the user can review previously-entered information such as date of birth, country of birth, A Number, etc. Users can also click on the "Edit" button to change or add information for each actor. Note, however, that any changes made during this edit process will save to the case itself, not just to the generated form.

Adding Addresses, Entries, Aliases, Employment History and Marital History
Depending on the form, the user may be asked to select the appropriate records for Address, Immigration Entry, Marital History, or Alias for the Actors on a form. The available records for each will pull from records that have already been collected on the case, either at intake, or through an auxiliary process. For example, if the user has entered several addresses on a case (work address, several previous home addresses, etc.) those values will appear in the address dropdown lists, which can then be selected by the user. If a record has not yet been saved to a case, the user can select the "Add New Address," "Add New Alias" option to input that record. Note that any records entered through this process (new addresses, new marital history, new alias, etc.) will save to the case itself, not just the immigration form.

Returning to a Started Process - HTML Form
If a user does not complete an immigration form in one session, that user can return to the already-started process to continue working on the form. If a process has already been started, the user will be taken directly to the HTML form, rather than walking back through the process steps. If the user wishes to walk back through the steps of the process to change or add persons, addresses, or other information, the user may still do so by clicking on the form links on the left side of the page (see below).

Forms for Collecting Immigration Information
Site admins will build out the forms and processes needed to collect information such as work history, immigration entries and exits, etc. with will then pull into the fields mapped to those fields. These forms can be used at intake, or through aux forms and processes, often as part of an Immigration Information (or similarly named) actions sub-menu.

Most groups add aux processes to collect:
- Marital History (using the Marital Status History List block)
- Work History (using the Work History Block and Work History listview)
- Address (using the Address List block)
- Immigration Entries and Exits (using the Add An Immigration Entry block and Immigration Log listview)