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Multiple Language Support

Purpose: Allow an agency to present an online intake in languages other than English.

Cost: $2,500 per additional language.

Process Language Block

Displays a dropdown list of available languages, which will set the language for various parts of the intake. The block has a configuration that makes the selection also set the applicant's Language (as in the language they speak).

Typically placed on the 'landing page' (first page) of an online intake with an instruction element in each offered language asking the person to select their language.

Translating Labels, Phrases, and Lookups


Many lookup values can be translated. Edit a lookup as you normally would from the Admin > Lookups page.

Field Labels

Field labels on forms will have an option for each enabled language. In this example, for Spanish:

Instruction Elements

Instruction element text will have an option for each enabled language:

Form TItles

 Form titles and subsection titles will have an option for each enabled language:

Individual Fields

Many system and custom fields will also have options for each language when edited from the Admin > System Field Management page. This can be useful for words/phrases that are displayed by blocks:

System Translation Page

The System Translation page is where various pieces of text that appear in the interface can be translated.

There is no Admin page link to this page. Add "/system/translation" to the end of your site's URL (like abc.legalserver.org/system/translation).

Click an "N/A" value to add a translation or the existing translation to edit it.