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SharePoint Integration

Purpose: Display a list of files, stored in Microsoft SharePoint, that are related to a specific case in LegalServer

Cost: $4500 on-time setup fee

Requirements:  Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SharePoint (cloud version only)

SharePoint Setup

LegalServer staff will create the API listener service in your Azure environment. 

The SharePoint folder is created via API call from your intake process, typically on the disposition step.   If you create a new intake process after going live with SharePoint integration, please include the folder creation API call on your new intake process. 

SharePoint Documents Listview

An administrator will need to add this listview to a case profile once the SharePoint add-on has been activated:

Clicking on any of these links will take the user to either the desktop or web version of Microsoft Office, depending on the user's own settings and which Microsoft products you have made available to users.  It is not controlled by LegalServer but by the user's browser and device settings.

SharePoint Permissions 

Permissions within SharePoint are managed within SharePoint.  While LegalServer can communicate with SharePoint to include metadata about the case (in the form of LegalServer field values sent by an API call), your agency will need to consult with a SharePoint expert if you want to leverage that information into any business processes that you want to enforce inside SharePoint.