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SMS - Sending Messages From an Individual Case

Sending an SMS Message from a Case

A site administrator creates an Actions menu link on cases to display the SMS form.  The client's mobile number, if any, is the default phone number:

You can choose to send the message immediately or schedule it for later.  

Sending an SMS message will create a Case Note and an entry in the Case Log (your site may not display the Case Log on cases), and will return information about delivery status.  

Schedule an SMS Message for Later

Picking 'Schedule for Later' will prompt the user for a date and time at which to send the SMS.  Click Schedule SMS once the date and time are entered.

Cancel a Scheduled SMS Message 

If the site administrator has enabled the SMS Section Front for regular users, clicking SMS in the blue navigation stripe will show you the SMS log for your agency.  Find the Queued message on the Scheduled and Queue tab and click Cancel to cancel the message.

SMS Log for an Individual Case

On the Actions->SMS auxiliary form, your administrator can enable the sent/received log, which will show all sent and received text messages.  Note that because cell phones may be used by a client with more than one case, and the SMS standard doesn't support threading, received SMS messages may appear in more than one case.

SMS Reminders for Tasks and Calendar Events

The SMS feature also provides options for getting reminders for tasks and calendar events by text message:

Optional: SMS Alerts on the LegalServer Home Page

Administrators can configure the Homepage Alert block to include alerts about SMS messages received on the logged in user's cases.