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SMS - Administrator Setup

Configuration guide for administrators when setting up texting / SMS tools.

LegalServer Site Settings

Enable the SMS Tab

On the Admin > Users Roles (Permissions) page, edit the Administrator role and check the SMS box in the Viewable Navigation tabs section. Users do not need access to this tab to use the feature on cases.  The SMS tab is useful for administrator testing and troubleshooting.

Optionally re-arrange the navigation tab order on the Admin > Top Level Navigation Bar/Search page, under the "Tabs" tab.

LegalServer Administrator Form

Enter your site's Twilio information on the  Admin > Telephony & SMS page, and optionally enable SMS for reminders on calendar events, tasks, and deadlines.

Note: The Autoresponder settings only appear if that module, currently in beta testing, is also enabled.

Viewing SMS Message Logs for the Site

The SMS navigation tab page contains lists for all Scheduled, Sent, and Received SMS Messages.

Scheduled & Queue, Sent and Received tabs have filter options, which allow you to see messages by date range.

The Contact Consent tab shown above will only appear if the option to use a master consent search list is selected on the Admin page. This allows searching across all consents in the database and editing individual records.

Adding the SMS Block to a Form 

Administrators can add the SMS Block to a new auxiliary form in Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles, create a new auxiliary process to call that form, and add the process to the Actions menu.

The SMS block should not be placed on profile pages.  The block presents a 'live' set of fields and action buttons, and must be on an auxiliary process.

Optional: Add an SMS Alert on the LegalServer Home Page

Administrators can configure the Homepage Alert block to include alerts about SMS messages received on the logged in user's cases.  
To do so, navigate to Admin -> Processes, Forms, and Profiles, choose the Home/Section Front Module, and edit or create a dynamic Home profile.  Add the Homepage Alerts block to the dynamic home page and check "Show SMS Received Alerts Tab When Applicable".

Preventing Messages from Being Sent to a Number

Stopping messages from being sent to a specific number is handled by the SMS provider. Twilio, for example, provides:

STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, and QUIT - will stop customers from receiving messages from that particular Twilio number. When attempting to send a message to a subscriber that previously texted in any of the keywords mentioned above, Twilio's API will throw a 400 response with error code 21610.

Site administrators can also use the Client Consent field in branch logic to hide the SMS block if that field is set to No.

Twilio Setup

Create an Account and Configure a Twilio Phone Number


Take Note of Your Twilio credentials and API key.

Enter the LegalServer Webhook in Twilio's Configuration

The webhook URL is:  https://YOURDOMAIN.legalserver.org/modules/sms/processor.php 
or, for testing first:  https://YOURDOMAIN-demo.legalserver.org/modules/sms/processor.php