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Assigning Pro Bono Advocates to Cases/Matters

There are multiple ways to assign a pro bono advocate to a case/matter.

* The traditional way to search for and assign a pro bono advocate to a case
* Matches pro bono user profiles against case information to focus the list of possible advocates
* Use this method if you want to track Assignment Attempts

* Can be placed on intake and auxiliary forms
* Short and quick if you know the name of the pro bono advocate you want to place the case with
* Can be used instead of, or in addition to, the standard Recommend Pro Bono page

* Static page that is used to transfer the primary assignment on a case, or make an Additional Assignment
* The Additional Assignments section can include a "Show Pro Bono Users?" checkbox
* The checkbox must be enabled on the Admin > Process Settings page

Assigned during an Organization Assignment

If you are looking for a way to assign a firm (organization) to a case without assigning a specific pro bono user, the Create Organization Assignment block may be useful.