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Reports API

Purpose: Enable an external program to retrieve report results via a special user and URL.

Enabling: This module must be enabled by LegalServer staff.

Ask that it be enabled by filing a ticket from your site. Put "Enable Reports API" in the Short Description of Issue field. The Description box must contain "I have read the Cautions on the Reports API help page and understand the security and other concerns of using this feature."  

We can usually enable the feature on your demo site within 2 weeks of you filing the ticket, with your live site getting it the week after it hits your demo site.


This feature allows pulling data from your database, potentially a lot of data, with the usual security concerns that entails, and with potential impact on your site's performance.

* Build reports that minimize exposure of confidential information.

* Practice good security protocols with access to the API user account, especially if you are giving this access to external vendors/programmers.

* Build reports with sane filters. Do not build a report that pulls all time information or all case information or all case notes, for example.

* Wherever you store the potentially large amount of data retrieved by this method, that system and any backups you make of it should be treated as a particularly high security priority.  

* If you permit a third party vendor to use this API, ensure that you understand how the vendor stores and protects this data, and what happens to the data when your relationship ends.  

* We reserve the option to disable this feature if use of it negatively affects server or site performance.

User Setup

* Create a new user role for "Report API" if it does not exist.

* Give the "Report API" role the "Reports - API Access" permission for both internal and external access.

* Create a new user such as "report_api" with the "Report API" role, set Current to No, and give the user a strong, random password and store it securely.

Individual Report Setup

* Edit the report and click "XML/XSL/Template" in the Additional Display Formats section.

* Expand the new "XML/XSL/Template Settings" section and check "Allow remote retrieval of results via API" in the API Output box:

Not shown above is the URL for the report that includes the generated API Key. Also not shown is the "Regenerate API Key" button to change the key if you need to block access to the report via the original key.

* Click the "Apply XML Settings" button in the new section, then "Save Changes" at the top of the report.

Manual Testing

Paste the URL shown in the API Output on a report into a browser. Enter the credentials. Review the results.