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Add Case Note Block

Displays the fields needed to create a case note and optionally upload files.

If configured, allow the note (and any uploaded files) to be emailed.

NB: Demo sites will only send emails to Administrators. This applies in other places as well.

If configured, allow creating a a timeslip.

Older sites: If an auxiliary form and process is created to replace the builtin "Add case note" link, the "Show Static Case Note Link On Case Profiles" on the Admin > Process Settings page should be set to "No".

NB2: Whether the Date Posted is editable when creating a case note is controlled by "Allow The Post Date of Notes To Be Edited When Creating New Ones" on the Admin > Site Settings page.

Configuration Options:

* Allow in E-Transfers Default - only applies to sites with E-Transfers enabled
* Allow Send as Message button - uses the internal Message feature
* Show Save Draft / Note button - only recommended for slow, erratic internet connections
* Size of notes field - the default size of the body of the note
* Allow Note to be Emailed
* Configuration options for the text appended to an email
* Allow Attaching Timeslips - selecting "Yes" displays several additional options:
* Timeslip Creation Process to Bind To
* Show Activity Type
* Default Activity Type
* Show Activity Code
* Default Activity Code 
* Require Adding Time (added 3/30/2018)
* Show PAI Time
* Default PAI Time