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Disposition Block

The Disposition block is placed at the end of an intake so it can be rejected, set to pending, or accepted as a case, depending on the configuration options chosen.

It is also used on dynamic re-open case forms.

Configuration Options:

* Default Disposition

* Advocate defaults to current user - the primary advocate if accept or pending is selected

* Static Advocate Default (overrides) - default primary advocate to a specific user if accept or pending is selected

* Default Office

* Default Program

* Prompt for funding code - display funding code field if accept is selected

* Restrict Office checkbox - initially restrict funding codes available based on the office

* "Please select" option for funding codes - do not preselect the first available funding code

* Default Funding Code - select a specific default funding code

* Default Case Status (must be shown) - does not set Case Status unless "Show Case Status" is also enabled

* Show Case Status

* Require Case Status

* Show Case Status Notes

* Show Accept and Close - opens a case and immediately starts the close case process

* Show Pro Bono Assignment and Timeslip Option - select a pro bono user and create a pro bono assignment during the Accept and Close process, and optionally create a timeslip for the pro bono user.

* Process to Close When Accepting and Closing

* Ask for Close Reason - allows a case to be closed without displaying a close case form

* Make Close Reason Field Static

* Default Close Reason

* Show Refer and Reject

* Show Refer and Close

* Show Schedule Office - allow scheduling into an Office appointment slot

* Schedule Office Label - text to display for the previous option

* Show Schedule Staff - allow scheduling into a Staff appointment slot

* Schedule Staff Label - text to display for the previous option

* Caseworker Label - text to display for the Primary Advocate dropdown list

* Show Additional Assignment - allow another assignment to be made, in addition to the primary assignment

* Show Schedule Clinic - allow scheduling into a clinic appointment slot

* Schedule Clinic Label - text to display for the previous option

* Show Set Pending and Schedule Clinic

* Pending, Schedule Clinic Label

* Show Set Pending and Schedule Office

* Pending, Schedule Office Label

* Show Set Pending and Schedule Staff

* Pending, Schedule Staff Label

* Prompt for LSC Matters Referral Reporting Code - if a refer option is available and selected

* Default Date Opened to Today (overriding)

* Default Date Opened to Intake Date (overriding)

* Prompt for Reject Funding Code

* Prompt for Pending Funding Code

* Reject Process

* Options to change the subject and 'signature' text of emails for Reject, Pending, and Accept if the user chooses to email a note