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Document Selection Block

Presents a drag and drop interface of available documents and templates that produces a "packet" (a PDF file of the selected documents) that can be printed or optionally emailed.

This block is typically used to produce a packet to be sent to an attorney during the pro bono assignment process and a packet to be sent to the client. Administrators can create an auxiliary process to allow attorney and/or client packets to be created outside the pro bono assignment process.

Related: Generated Packet Link block

Configuration Options

* Show Cover Letter Dropdown? (Note: the cover letter feature requires the Publications module to be enabled on a site)
* Calculate Default Cover Letter
* Require Cover Letter
* Allow Email?
* Packet Recipient (dropdown for Pro Bono Assignment or Client)
* Default Email Recipient (dropdown for either Pro Bono Assignment or Client)
* Allow Uploads? (display the standard "Browse" button for uploading files)
* Default Problem Code to Case's Problem Code
* Default "Common" Results
* Show Publication Documents in List
* Show Case Documents in List
* Show Pro Bono Documents in List