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Generic Lookup Selector Block

This block allows you to display a lookup field on a form, but limit the values that would otherwise be available for selection.

Note: Not all lookup fields are currently available (Ref: 82419)

Example: During an intake, you could do branch logic on the Intake Program field. If the user selected "Family" for program, that could display a branch logic form with this block on it, configured to only allow specific Legal Problem Codes to be selected, instead of all active Legal Problem Codes.

In this screenshot, the block is configured to only display 3 legal problem codes:

Configuration Options:

The lookup field to display, and a multi-select list of that lookup field's values.

Required - Should the field be required on the form.

Allow multiple selections - Only applicable to lookup fields that are multi-select in the database.

Default overrides current value - Should the default value selected replace any previous selected value.

Force replacement of disallowed option - If the lookup field already has a value, but that value is not one of the allowed ones, the form will indicate that and offer the user the option to change the selection. If this option is Yes, the user will be forced to changed the existing value to one of the allowed ones.