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Non-Liquid Assets Block

Displays several fields for a Non-Liquid Asset entry, inlcuding type, amount, approximate value, loan balance, and a display of the the equity calculated from the value and loan fields. Also displays plus/minus buttons so additional entries can be added or existing ones removed.

Configuration Options:

* Cap - if non-liquid assets exceed this amount, the Asset Eligible flag is set to No
* Allowance for each additional family member
* Allow excluded assets
* Asset Default 1 to 4 - define up to 4 asset entries that will display on the form, and optionally pre-select the asset type that is displayed for each
* Show Marital/Heir - places a checkbox next to each entry
* Exclude Marital/Heir - a checkbox that allows non-liquid assets designated Marital/Heir with the previous option to not be counted against the cap