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Report Part Block

This block embeds a report into a home page, section front, case, etc. It can display tabular data from a report, or additional displays like summations, crosstabs, and graphs if they exist on the report.

Embedded reports display without regard to "Roles Allowed to View" set in the report. In other words, even if the person's user role does not have permission to run a report from the Reports page, they can see whatever information from that report is embedded by this block.

This configuration, embedded on a home page:

Would display this:

Report Parts embedded on a case profile can show report results for just the case being viewed.  This can be used for litigation, timekeeping, and case data.  It can be useful where built-in listviews don't show the columns you wish to present to users for data on a specific case.

Note that timekeeping, litigation, and events data can appear in the embedded report if the data is a subtable of the cases table in reports.