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Set Desired Matter Outcomes (Goals) Block

Allows setting and editing goals on a case. The block displays one or more rows with appropriate outcomes that can be checked, an optional "New Status" column, and a Notes field. It can be used on intake and auxiliary case/matter forms.

The outcomes that can be selected as goals are from the Outcomes v2 lookup list, therefore a site must be configured to use Outcomes v2. Each outcome in that list is set as being available as a goal or not.

The Status values are set in the Goals Status lookup list in Admin > Lookups.


* Matter Desired Outcomes list view element to display existing goals on profile pages and forms.

* Set Final Goal Status block for optional use on a case closing form.

* The report table for goal information is Case Data > Matter Goals (One Per Row).

Configuration Options

* Limit Choices to Outcomes that Match the Matter's Problem Code 

* Allow editing - if checked, each goal row will display a "New Status" dropdown field of choices such as Planned, Inactive, etc.