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Unemployment Hearing Block

Provides a means to record information about one or more unemployment hearings for a client.

This block is usually placed below the "List Unemployment Hearings (For Editing)" block on a form.

The fields displayed initially, or after clicking a button (see options below), are:

* Venue - a dropdown list of active organizations with the Court type.
* Hearing Type - a dropdown list that you define in Admin/Lookups.
* Docket Number - a text box.
* Date of Hearing
* Time of Hearing
* Hearing Status - a dropdown list that you define in Admin/Lookups.
* Judge - a text box.
* Hearing Result - a dropdown list that you define in Admin/Lookups
* Date of Decision
* Appeal/PFR Due Date
* Event - a button that will create an event on the calendar for this hearing.
* Unemployment Hearing - a button that will "close up" the fields on the form without creating a hearing record.

Configuration Options:

* Show toggler - if selected, this block will initially hide the fields and instead display a button called "Create an unemployment hearing" that will display the fields.