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Can I Add a Column to a List?

The short answer is that it depends on the list and whether the list is on a dynamic page. The answer is the same if you want to add a filter to a list.

Each list view element on a dynamic page has Enabled and Disabled columns. For example, the list for a My Assignments tab on a home page:

If the column you want to display is not there, it would require additional programming to make it available.

The cost to make a field available depends on the field but generally is between $500 and $1,000. See Requesting Changes.

The cost to make a field a filter on a list also depends on the field, and can vary between no additional cost to adding the field, to an additional $500.

If a list view has no enabled columns, it will display a default set.

For general information on editing forms and profiles, see Process Management - Editing Forms and Links.

Embedding a report on a page with the Report Part block to replace or supplement a list might be an alternative if a list doesn't offer the desired options.