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Copying a Live Site to Demo

Over time, changes are often made to live sites that are not also made on an organization's demo site. You may want to update your demo site to match the live site to ease testing of new processes, for training, etc.

PSTI can replace an organization's demo site with a copy of the live site if site administrators do not want to manually update the demo site. The charge for this is $400. This does the following:
  • Replaces all processes, forms, and profiles on the demo site with those on the live site.
  • Replaces all data (cases, timeslips, users, etc.) on the demo site with the data from the live site.
  • Replaces all reports on the demo site with those from the live site.
  • Does not copy documents or document templates (see * below) from the live site.
Start the process by sending the following in an email to support@legalserver.org:

"I request that PS Technologies copy (insert your site initials)'s live site to our demo site. I understand this will remove all information from the demo site, replacing it with the information on the live site at the time the copy is performed, and that documents (including templates) are not copied. I authorize PS Technologies to bill us $400.00 for this service."

After we receive payment, we will perform the copy outside of regular business hours, typically within 2 - 3 weeks. If you have a specific deadline to meet, contact us and we will try to accommodate it.

There is no downtime for the live site, but the demo site will be offline for up to an hour.

Note: If the live site has Scheduled Reports setup, those will exist in the demo site after the copy. Site administrators will usually want to deactivate these on the demo site.

* Documents not being copied includes document templates. This will result in errors on forms that reference templates, such as the "Document Packet Generation" block some sites use in the pro bono referral process. Administrators will need to configure such blocks to remove the template references, and optionally upload any desired templates to the demo site, map them, and select them in these blocks.