2018-12-05 Release Notes

Effective: 2018-12-06 for demo sites, 2018-12-14 for live sites.

Step Up to Justice prepares to take their online intake live.

86366: Allow manually changing the actor information for the client and the attorney representative on immigration form G-28. (Updated on all sites on 2018-12-03)

86393: Make the Address Extended block display the postal code (instead of zip code) on a case profile page when a Country is selected for the address.

86454: Stop Add Fields, Method 1 in reports from always showing an error. (Fix applied to all sites on 2018-11-29)

86504: Allow the Address and Address Extended blocks to show the Address 2 field when the "Ask for Institution" option is used.
86554: Restore the "Print this Timekeeping Log" when a site is configured to display it (Admin > Timekeeping Settings). (Fix applied to all sites on 2018-11-30)

86568: Initial release of a new IFrame Block to allow embedding things on profile pages. (No, this is not for adding cat videos to cases)