2020-01-08 Release Notes

Bet Tzedek is excited to be going live with LegalServer this week.

Legal Services of Central New York is equally excited to be going live next week.

Welcome the following organizations as they prepare to begin onboarding:

Changes below hit demo sites on 2020-01-09 and live sites on 2020-01-17:

72667: Adding the same user twice in the Attendees list on a calendar event will no longer cause an error.

93221: Add a Location column to the Google Team Drive list view that displays path/folder information for each file.

93939: For sites using the Pro Bono Opportunities feature, the following fields will now be displayed on the "Learn More About this Case" page if a pro bono user clicks the "Confirmation" check box: Summary of Work Needed, Summary of Upcoming Dates, and Special Issues.

93966: Make enhanced reminder templates work without needing the SMS texting module installed.

93981: Fix an error on the Sync to LFW page (only  applicable to WA state sites).
94170: Guided navigation segments will now refuse to save and warn you if the segment has invalid expressions. For example, if you have an expression testing a lookup field for value(s), but don't have any values selected. Elements with errant expressions are expanded and enhanced with a pleasing, but obvious, light red border.