2021-06-02 Release Notes


From the Pacific to the prairie to the Atlantic, these organizations are excited to start onboarding:

Excited to be going live next week is New York County Defender Services.

Changes and Updates

Unless otherwise noted, you will see these changes on demo sites on 2021-06-03, then on live sites on 2021-06-11.

LS-68870: Don't make online applicants mentally convert appointment slot times from 17:00 to 05:00 PM. Do it for them.

LS-74313: Make the Dropbox Documents list on a profile quasi-sentient. It will "listen" for certain changes (for example clicking the "Add to Dropbox" icon on a document stored in LegalServer) and refresh itself to show the change.

LS-75793: Are you using the "Set Pending (Only)" block in a Guided Navigation segment? Want to use the "Static Advocate Default (overrides)" block option to, well, set a specific advocate? Now you can.

LS-76161: Make Guided Navigation dialogues try really, really hard to do the right thing when they use a lookup value, then someone later pulls the rug out by merging that lookup value into a different value.

LS-76189: Do you have the Case Contacts list view on your case profile(s)? Have the Role column displayed? Are users constantly haranguing you because they have a burning desire to sort by the Role column? Peace and quiet are on the way.

LS-76233: Support custom fields in the still-in-beta Registrants module.

LS-76277: The document generated by a Waiver block will no longer cause an error if the underlying template is an Old Style Template.

LS-76450: Restore the always popular "View 20" link in reports.

LS-76525: You can translate the "Income Categories" lookup values, so it seemed silly to not display them when using the "Online Financial Information - Simple Income" block.

LS-76526: You can translate the "SSN Information" lookup values, so ... you know.

LS-76586: The Discovery block gets a profusion of new configuration options: Require Discovery Sub Type, Require Item Details, Require Media Type, and Require Number of Items Received. The new options are all off (unchecked) by default. Adjust to taste.

LS-76676: Stop prescreen and intake processes from throwing an error if the the first step of the process has the Documents list view on it, even if it is hiding on a branch logic form.