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Requesting New Features or Changes to Features

Site administrators can request new features or changes to existing features by filing a support request (a/k/a ticket). Go to the Help menu (not the tab) in the Search bar and click on "Support Request".

Describe the new feature or change desired. We will let you know if we need additional information, or if the requested change isn't feasible.

Changes we determine are feasible are typically placed on a 'wishlist', to be implemented when we have developer time available.

Agencies can pay for development to be done by a date certain by asking for a quote. We ask that you not request a quote unless you are seriously considering paying for the development. Preparing a quote itself takes time, and depending on the request, can take substantial time to prepare.

You can optionally ask for a rough estimate / ballpark figure / side of the barn estimate before asking for a firm quote.

The intensity or earnestness of your belief in Santa has not been proven to affect the priority of wishlist tickets.