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Tasks - Customizing

LegalServer includes a standard set of processes, forms, and profiles to create tasks and deadlines (deadlines appear on the task list and on the Day/Week/Month view of the calendar).

Tasks are in the process of being made dynamic, meaning site administrators can select the Task module in Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles, but there are limitations site administrators should consider.

Known Issues

  • The Notes field allows data entry, but will not display the field contents on a profile page. (ref: 71602)

  • Although notes can be entered on a dynamic task with a workaround (see below), they cannot yet be emailed. (ref: 65168)
  • Recurring dynamic tasks cannot be created. 
  • Deadline processes and forms can be created, but there is currently no way to redirect the standard create and edit links to these processes. 
  • There is no element for a task profile page to display reminder information.

  • Editing a reminder on a task profile page causes an error on submit. (Ref: 84730)

Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles

Module: Task 
Need at least 2 processes: Create and Edit 
The Create/Edit form can be a single form. Make it available for Create and Aux process types. 
A Completion process is optional.
A Task Profile is optional.

Admin > Process Settings

The Task Settings section of this page is where administrators can point the standard "New Task" and "Edit Task" links to dynamic processes they have created.

Calendar "Add Task" Dynamic Process 
Matter "Add Task" Dynamic Process 
Default Task Edit Dynamic Process

Example Form and Profile

The Module block is set to "None" so that the form will work for tasks on cases as well as from the calendar.

The "Notes (Generic)" block is used for notes to work around an issue with the Notes field. Creating a new, singular note type for "Tasks Notes" in Admin / Note Types is recommended.