Time - Configuring Activities and Categories

Tip: LegalServer has contextual timekeeping menus.  Time Activity Codes are specific to case activity.  Non-case time entries are more general and should be created as Time Activity Types in LegalServer, not Time Activity Codes.  These are configurable lookups in Admin->Lookups.

Example Timekeeping Configuration:

 Timekeeping Categories Case Activity Personal Leave Other Leave Holiday Leave Supporting Activity Outreaches/Other Services
 Timekeeping Sub-Category Work Time    Paid Leave Unpaid Leave Paid leave Work Time  Work Time
 Time Activity Types Case Activity Personal Leave
 Bereavement Leave
 Other Leave
 Sabbatical Leave
 Holiday Leave SA - Website Updates
 SA - Another Supporting  Activity
 OS - Clinics
 OS - Workshops
 OS - Self Help Material Creation
 Time Activity Codes

  (only used for Case Activity)
 Interview Client
 Draft Pleadings
 Legal Research
 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a