Time - Configuring Categories, Types, and Codes

Tip: LegalServer has contextual timekeeping menus.  Time Activity Codes are specific to case activity.  Non-case time entries are more general and should be created as Time Activity Types in LegalServer, not Time Activity Codes.  These are configurable lookups in Admin->Lookups.

A frequently asked question is "I added some new Time Activity Codes, but they don't show up when adding case time. Why?"

Answer: When you add Time Activity Codes, you need to also edit the Time Activity Types. On the Time Activity Types list, click on Case Activity (or it may be called Case Related) value. After the fields at the top of the page populate, select your new Activity Codes, then click Continue to save.

Example Timekeeping Configuration:

 Timekeeping Categories Case Activity Personal Leave Other Leave Holiday Leave Supporting Activity Outreaches/Other Services
 Timekeeping Sub-Category Work Time    Paid Leave Unpaid Leave Paid leave Work Time  Work Time
 Time Activity Types Case Activity Personal Leave
 Bereavement Leave
 Other Leave
 Sabbatical Leave
 Holiday Leave SA - Website Updates
 SA - Another Supporting  Activity
 OS - Clinics
 OS - Workshops
 OS - Self Help Material Creation
 Time Activity Codes

  (only used for Case Activity)
 Interview Client
 Draft Pleadings
 Legal Research
 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a