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Accepting or Rejecting Electronic Case Transfers

Organizations receiving e-transfers must review the pending transfers and accept or reject them.

Administrators can configure an email alert to be sent when a transfer is received. See Electronic Case Transfers - Administrative Setup.

A list of pending transfers is on the main Cases page.


Site administrators may change the text on the tab from "Electronic Case Transfers" to any other text.

Note: Pending transfers will stay on this list until they are either rejected or accepted as a case and disposition is set to Open. Finishing an intake and setting a matter to the Pending disposition does not remove the pending transfer from the list.

Clicking on the case ID will open a screen with the details of the case.

A user can run a conflict check on the applicant and any adverse parties. After reviewing the pending transfer, a user can "Begin Intake" or "Reject this case".

"Begin Intake" starts a new intake and copies information from the sending site's case into that record. The matter now exists on the receiving site like any other intake, and will show up in conflict searches.

"Reject this case" displays a field to enter in rejection notes.

The Action field dropdown will display "Return to Intake" if intake on a pending transfer has been started but not completed (accepted as a case or rejected).

If the pending transfer page does not display the dropdown to select an action and a Continue button, that means the sending agency recently canceled the transfer. Return to the pending list and this transfer should have dropped off the list. This typically happens when someone gets an email alert of a transfer, but the sending agency cancels it before they click the link to the pending case transfer page.

Site administrators can enable a Note field on the pending case transfer page. Notes entered in this field help staff at the receiving site handle pending transfers. These notes appear in the pending transfer list. For example, entering "Left voice mail message for appl; told her we need info", would alert other people looking at the pending transfer list that the applicant had been contacted. These notes are ephemeral. They are stored on the pending transfer and discarded when the transfer is either rejected or accepted for intake. 

A rare occurrence is receiving a "There was an error finalizing your request. Try again later." warning when trying to start intake on an e-transfer, or trying to accept a case that came in via e-transfer. This can happen if the sending site is temporarily offline, and thus the receiving site can't retrieve the information to start intake, or can't report back to the sending site that the case is being accepted. The warning will go away and you can proceed once the sending site is back online.