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CSV Upload to Update Case Data

This tool is not yet released

Pricing: TBD

This utility allows for the upload of a CSV file of data to be used for updating one or more fields on a specified table.

Though strictly constrained, the file format is very simple and allows for extremely flexible processing.

The file must include a header record in this format:

subject, id, field, value OR subject,id,field,value

The name of the table to be updated. Check with your admin for the correct name.
The record ID in the subject table to be updated.
The field within the subject table to update. Check with your admin to ensure proper name.
The value to be assigned to the field.

A sample file might look like the following:

subject, id, field, value
client, 2, note, "This is a note to be set on client ID #2"
client, 2, updated, "Jan 31, 2017"