Appointment Slots

Purpose: Allows advocates to schedule times when they are available to meet, and other users in the organization to fill those slots with matters (prescreens, intakes, or cases).

Common use case example: An advocate creates 8 appointment slots of 30 minutes each to interview new applicants on Thursday mornings. Intake workers can schedule applicants into those slots.

Cost: None.

Create Appointment Slots

From the main Calendar tab, use Actions > New Staff Appointment Slot, or Actions > New Office Appointment Slot.

Staff slots are designed for a single user (attendee). Office slots are designed for an entire office -- you don't know which advocate might see a specific applicant that day.

Appointment slots are typically created in "blocks" of time. For example, entering Number of appointments = 4 from 9:00am to 01:00pm would create 4 one hour slots at 9, 10, 11, and 12. Note how you enter the time that the last slot ends, not the time it begins.

Descriptive appointment slots titles are usually helpful for filling slots: "Laura's Thursday Housing Appts"

Fill Slots

Open appointment slots can be filled from the Screening Status field on prescreens, on the last step of an intake (if enabled in the Disposition block), and from Action menu links (if enabled) on incomplete intakes and cases.