Enhanced Reminders for Tasks, Deadlines, and Events

This feature provides greater control over reminders and allows sending multiple reminders for a task, deadline, or event.

Important Note: If you are switching from standard to Enhanced Reminders, old existing standard reminders will not be sent. The sending mechanism works differently than the legacy reminder system. Consider asking staff to check their upcoming events, tasks, and deadlines so they can set new reminders if necessary.

Enabling: Admin > Calendar Settings > Use enhanced reminders. If you don't see this setting, file a ticket from your site and ask that this feature be enabled, specifying if you want it enabled on your demo site, live site, or both.

Templates: Site administrators create and edit the optional templates via Admin > Manage reminder message templates

Site administrators may want to enable on their demo site and show users before enabling on a live site if they have some users who are scared and confused by fairly significant UI changes.

Scheduling from a Case

When to Send

Users have the option to send a reminder either relative to the event or at a certain time. To send a reminder relative to the event, toggle “When to send” to “relative to the event,” and enter a number in the number field and select “minutes,” “hours,” or “days” from the dropdown menu. For example, if you want to send a reminder a half hour before the event, put “30” in the number field and select “minutes” from the dropdown menu.

To send a reminder at a certain time, toggle “When to send” to “at a certain time,” and fill out the date and time fields.


Type a message in the “Message” text box. This will be the reminder text the user will send. Users have the option to select a reminder message template. See Admin - Manage Reminder Message Templates to create and edit template.


The recipients that show up are the contacts on the case. Users can choose to send the reminder to a single or multiple contacts and via Email, Message Center, or SMS. If the checkbox is not clickable, then that option is not available for that contact, likely because there is not a phone or email recorded in the system. If you hover over a greyed out checkbox, help text will appear letting the user know why that option is unavailable for that contact. Users can add a phone number or email address by clicking “Edit” next to the contact’s name. Note that this will edit the contact information across Legal Server, not just for this one reminder setting.

Add/Remove Reminder

Users can Add or Remove a reminder by selecting the Green plus (add) or red minus (remove) buttons in the last column of the Reminder box.

Currently users cannot remove the topmost reminder by using the red minus button. Users need to remove all previously entered data from the final remaining reminder.

Add other Contacts

Users can add other recipients who are contacts in Legal Server (but not appearing because they are not case contacts) by clicking “Show Others” under the list of contacts. Then the user can start typing the name of a Legal Server contact and add them as a recipient.

Add Outside Recipients

Users can also add recipients who are not Legal Server contacts by clicking “Add Outside Recipient.” That will give the user fields to enter the recipient’s name, email address, and phone number.

Scheduling from the Calendar

The Reminder settings are available when users schedule deadlines, tasks, or events from the Calendar module as well. The main difference is there will be no contacts available since it is not linked to a case. Users will either have to add Legal Server contacts or Outside Recipients to the reminder.

Note: When testing this on a demo site, email reminders can only be sent to administrators.