Adverse Parties

To add an adverse party to your case, click the Add adverse party link in the Actions tab. Adverse parties can be individuals or organizations. It's also possible to select from a list of common adverse parties.

The list of common adverse parties is maintained by site administrators. There are two reasons for keeping a list of common adverse parties. First, these are individuals or organizations that your agency would never represent and thus, there would never be a conflict. Second, this prevents each user from entering the information for a single party in slightly different ways (i.e. soc. sec. admin., social sec. administration, etc...), which can quickly turn into a data entry nightmare.

Once a party has been selected a conflict search must be performed after which the conflict status of the adverse party can be determined. Existing adverse parties can be edited or deleted. At this point another adverse party can be added or the user can select "There are no additional adverse parties" and click continue to save and return to the case profile.