Adverse Party Alerts

Adverse Party Alerts can be enabled on a site. In addition to being a visible note on an adverse party, the name of any adverse party will show up in red text in search results if it has an alert.

Using Adverse Party Alerts

When the adverse party alerts feature is enabled on your site, you can add and view adverse party alerts during the conflict checking process and afterward:

  • When you first add an adverse party to a case, you can add an alert to the adverse party's record by adding a note in the Adverse Party Alert field.

    • NOTE: Adverse party alerts can be added to any kind of adverse party.

  • When you run a search on an adverse party, alerts will be indicated in the search results by the party's name displaying in red.

  • NOTE: Each time an adverse party is added to a case, a new record of the adverse party is created in your system. As a result, the same adverse party can have multiple instances in your system. Likewise, the same adverse party can potentially have different alerts for each instance of the party in your system.

  • After you have added an adverse party to a case, you can return later to edit the adverse party alert by clicking Edit in the add/edit adverse party form.

    • Be sure to click the Save & Search button in the edit screen to save your changes.

Enabling Adverse Party Alerts

Site administrators enable the adverse party alert feature in the Adverse Party block configuration.

  • In your site's dynamic form for adding/editing adverse parties, locate the Adverse Party Block and open the block's configuration options.

  • If your site uses different forms for the intake process and the add/edit adverse parties auxiliary process, you will need to edit this block in both forms to allow users to use this feature in both processes.

  • The Adverse Party Block might be labeled as "Adverse Party Block (v2)" on your site, but the block is still the same.

  • In the configuration options, select Show Adverse Party Alert.

  • Click Continue in the lower right corner to save your changes.