Case Alerts and Client Alerts

Site administrators can configure links to allow alerts to be placed on cases.

Displaying Alerts

These alerts are designed to display a red-bordered box at the top of case profiles, and optionally on selected user home pages.

Case alerts typically appear at the top of the case the alert is added to (depends on the site's configuration).

Adding a client alert to a case makes the alert appear at the top of every case associated with that client. A client alert also makes that client's name appear in red in search results, and the text of the client alert is displayed as hover text.

Adding an Alert

Use the Add Case Alert or Add Client Alert link in the Actions menu of a case to add the desired alert.

The name of the person creating the alert will automatically be highlighted in the list of users. Ctrl+click to select and deselect users. The alert will appear on the home page of any selected users.

Removing an Alert

Display the case (or one of the cases) with the alert, then click the Dismiss link.

You can optionally enable a configuration on the Homepage Alerts and the Case Alerts blocks to "Confirm Dismiss Alert" which will give the user a confirmation prompt before completely dismissing it.


  • By default, anyone that can view an alert can dismiss it. Site administrators can remove the "Case/Client Alerts - Can Dismiss" permission from user roles to hide the Dismiss links.

  • Alerts only appear on cases if the main profile is configured with the Case Alerts block. This block is typically the first element on the main profile so that alerts are prominently displayed, and because the block does not display anything if there are no active alerts on a case.

  • Adding links to an Actions menu: The processes are called "Add Case Alert" and "Client Alerts".

  • Links to add alerts can only be displayed on closed cases using the legacy Closing Options element in the Actions menu, and on rejected matters using the legacy Rejected Options element.

  • Alerts are not included in an electronic case transfer to another site using LegalServer.

  • Alerts are available in reports on the Case Data > Case Alerts subtable.