Case Assignments

Primary Case Assignments

Every case in LegalServer must be assigned to a person, office, and program; the Primary Advocate, Assigned Office, and Assigned Program.

In addition to allowing easy reporting and filtering on logical subsets of cases, this means that every pending and open case will appear on someone's home page.

Additional Case Assignments

In addition to the primary assignment, every case can have multiple additional assignments. Assignments have an "Assignment Type", for example, "Pro Bono", "Co-Counsel", "Intern", etc.

Site administrators control the possible assignment types by editing the Assignment Type lookup.

Current Assignments vs. Past Assignments

All assignments have a Start Date and an End Date. An assignment is considered "Current" if the End Date field is empty.

Additional assignments can be 'ended', by adding an End Date, or deleted. There must always be a current primary assignment on a case, so the only way to end one person's primary assignment is to 'transfer' that assignment to another user.

Assigning Cases

The initial primary assignment on a case is made at the end of an intake. Additional assignments can be made using the "Assign Case" link. Pro bono assignments are made using the "Recommend Pro bono/Other user" link.

A list of existing assignments typically appears on the main case profile, and each assignment has an "Edit" link to make changes to it.