Case Credits

Case credits are a way to tally the complexity or workload burden of a particular case. For some agencies, this is used to ensure workers aren't overburdened. Some agencies use this to bill funders or prove performance.

Status: Beta Testing. If available on your site, be aware that this feature may change without notice.

Cost: TBD

Adding Case Credits

Add case credits from a custom process, from the case credits list view, or (optionally) by configuring the charges blocks to auto-prompt for case credit information.

Adding Case Credits When Adding a Charge

Case Credits are generally added to a case when a Charge is added or when a case moves to a new level of complexity.

Case Credits List View

The case credits listview can be placed on the case profile to view all case credits awarded any staff for that case. To edit case credits, click EDIT.

Add/Edit Case Credits

Credits do not have to be associated with a charge. For instance, you can add a case credit with a type such as Challenging Client Characteristics that are assigned to the case regardless of the charges against the defendant.

User Case Credits List View

Can be added to the user profile. The user profile shows information about the user, and this listview shows all of the user's case credits across that user's cases.

Admin Setup

Optionally, charges can be set with a default case credit value. This will automatically populate the case credits amount set when a charge is added to a case.

To add a default case credit to a particular charge, go to Lookups -> Charges

Case credits can be set to automatically expire, which might be useful for programs that want the weight of an aged case to change.

Set Automatically Expire Case Credits to Yes, and then choose to have the credits expire after X days, or to expire on a particular Month/Date annually.

Most of the fields on the Case Credits block can be set to have defaults and be set to read-only if desired.