Case Exceptions

The Case Exceptions feature will display warnings for cases that do not meet certain criteria. This feature is disabled by default. Site administrators can enable it on the Admin > Case Exceptions Settings page.


The following exceptions can cause warnings to appear for open cases:

  • No notes or timeslips have been entered in X number of days (configurable on the settings page, see Thresholds below)

  • No time at all entered on the case (Check for No Timeslips)

  • No calendar events, no incomplete tasks, no future calendar item, no future deadline (multiple items on Admin page)

  • Past due deadline (Check for Past Due Task)

  • The primary assignment has not viewed the case since it was assigned (Check for Case not Touched)

Displaying Warnings

If this feature is enabled, an Exceptions column will appear in the Current Assignments list on the home page and the My Assignments page, and display any exceptions for each case in that column in red text.

Site administrators can optionally place the Case Exceptions block on the main profile to display a list of exceptions for each case. The case exceptions list displays a Snooze and Dismiss button for each exception. The Dismiss button permanently removes the exception. The Snooze button will temporarily remove the exception for a configured number of days, after which the exception will display in the list if the case still meets the criteria for an exception.

Sites using the new interface can use the "Alerts, Exceptions, Compliance" block to combine these items into one 'bar' at the top of a case.


Site administrators configure the number of days after which a warning will appear for Notes and Timeslips. The Admin > Case Exceptions Settings page has an entry for each with a default number of days. The default can be overriden per legal problem code in Admin / Lookups / Problem Code, using the "Exception threshold in days" field that appears for each code.

Exception Grace Period: If a number of days is entered, no case exceptions will be created on cases until after that many days has elapsed from the Date Opened.