Cause Number

Cause Number is a text field that sites can use for any descriptive text about a case. An advantage over other text fields is that it can be included in the (often red) Search menu.

See the settings on the Search tab of the Admin > Top Level Navigation page.

Similar: Case Title

Cause Number Identification Feature

Purpose: Increase Cause Number Visibility and Functionality (adds cause number, replaces matter/case ID, and/or makes cause number a clickable link or searchable in some places)

Cost: TBD

Status: Beta Testing

To enable, file a ticket (Help menu > Support Request) requesting that Cause Number Identification be enabled on your site.

Effects of Enabling

Matter/Case ID will be replaced by Cause Number in the following places:

  • Snapshot New (Left Snapshot) on case profile

  • Breadcrumb menu on a case

  • Browser tab

  • Calendar (hover over, event list, event link block: recent clients list, ability to search by cause number when associating an event to a case)

  • Messages (list views, associating a message to a case, search by cause number, and displayed in results)

  • Add Case Note block's Signature Instructions: [name] for Client Name + Identification (Cause Number); and [causenum] for Cause Number

Cause Number will become a clickable link (opening the case profile) in the following places:

  • List views

    • Homepage: Current Assignments, Case/Matter-Recently Accessed, Case/Matter-Cases, Case/Matter-Prescreens, Case/Matter-Matters, Current Prescreens, Tasks, Upcoming Events

    • Case Profile: Other Cases for Client, Related Cases/Matters

    • Mass Assignment Update

    • Mass Calendar Update

  • Reports

  • Search Results for People, Clients, Case ID, and Notes searches