Level of Service

The Level of Service feature enables a site to record a current level of service for cases, including a log of any changes made.

Level of Service is typically enabled in the Snapshot New sidebar element of the main profile. It can also be enabled in the Disposition block to prompt for a Level of Service at the end of an intake if a case is being opened.

There is a User Role permission to control who can edit the level of service on cases - "Edit Levels of Service on a Case".

The current Level of Service value is a clickable link in the Snapshot New element:

Configuration note: Displaying the current level of service requires checking the "Show Current Level of Service" option and selecting an auxiliary process. In this screenshot, the process is named "Add/Edit Level of Service":

You may need to create the auxiliary process and form for your site. The form must contain the Level of Service block, and may contain instructions and other elements.

You specify the available level of service values in the Level of Service lookup list (which may be called "case_type" on older sites).

You can also place the "Matter Level of Service" list view element on the main profile or an auxiliary form to display the log of changes.