Printing Case Information

There are 3 options for printing information about a case from the main profile.

Document templates are created by site administrators, and appear on the "Documents Template" tab of a case (site administrators control the name of the tab, so the name could be different). Templates generate documents, inserting information from the case according to field markers in the templates.

Print profiles are created by site administrators and typically appear on the Views menu of a case. Print profiles display a printer-friendly page that can be printed using your browser's print feature.

The Views menu on a demonstration site showing example print profiles:

Print Case Notes is a static page that displays all case notes in a printable form, along with the ability to filter which notes are printed and other options.

A link for Print Case Notes can be displayed in a Custom Link Box element in the Actions menu on cases, or in a Print element in the Views menu. The latter is currently the only way to have the link show up on closed cases. (Ref: 73970)