Quick Case Copy

The Quick Case Copy feature allows an existing case to be copied to a new case without going through each step of a new intake. In a typical setup, the user only needs to set the legal problem code and disposition of the new matter.

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Limiting Copying from Older Cases

Administrators can limit the use of Quick Case Copy to newer matters, preventing new cases from being created that might include outdated address or household information. If the Intake Date on a case being copied is older than the configured limit, users clicking Quick Case Copy will receive a message that they cannot use the feature, but can continue by starting a new intake (that will proceed through each step).

The time limit on using Quick Case Copy defaults to 30 days. Administrators can set a different number on the Admin > Process Settings page. Note that this setting must contain a number; it cannot be left blank for 'unlimited'.

Controlling the Link

The link for Quick Case Copy is controlled in the Side/Actions section of the Main Profile. Depending on the site's configuration, it can appear in the Link Boxes element or a Case Copy Custom element.

Removing the text in the 'name' box in the Quick Client Add section of either element will remove the link.

To display the Quick Case Copy link, select the intake process to use (see the next section below), then enter the link text desired in the 'name' box.

Process and Form(s)

Quick Case Copy has its own intake process and form(s). These almost certainly already exist on your site.

Administrators edit these in Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles. The process is often marked inactive for historical reasons, so filter the process list appropriately before starting a new process.

The intake process used for Quick Case Copy can use as many forms as desired. At a minimum, it must contain one intake form, and that form must contain at least the Disposition block element.

Administrators often include either the Legal Problem Code field or the Problem Code/Special Problem Code block if avoiding 'duplicate' cases is a concern (same client and legal problem code in the same year). Administrators also sometimes include an eligibility block. Beyond the minimum of one intake form and the Disposition block, the number of forms and the elements on those forms is up to each site.

Pro tip: To easily know who used QCC to create a case, create two site specific fields, QCC User and QCC Create Date. Put those on your form, hide them, and default to "Current User" and "Today" respectively. You can then put these fields on a case profile and/or report on them.

The intake process must have the "Show Process Link in Module Static Profile" set to No. Otherwise, the link will appear, along with other intake process links, on static Home and Cases pages.

Custom Fields

Custom fields can now be copied from the original case to the copy. They have to individually be identified on the Process Settings form under the Case Copy Settings. This change is only effective going forward with new cases and doesn't change prior cases.