Signature Attestation Block

Purpose: The Signature Attestation block lets someone draw a signature on a LegalServer form with a pointing device (mouse, trackpad, stylus, finger). Each signature is timestamped, saved to the case, and can be added to reports.

The block works on standard case/matter forms as well as External Forms on cases/matters.

NB: This block does not provide electronic signing of general documents. It can record a signature on a LegalServer form.

Cost: None. The Signature Attestation block is available on all sites.


The Signature Attestation block allows agencies to collect and save a signature that someone creates using a mouse, tablet, or finger (coming soon!) on a phone or touch screen. External hardware signature pads are not supported. Admins can create different Signature Attestation Types to differentiate the types of signatures saved, and can optionally build out standardized attestation language to use across their site.

Quick Configuration Notes

Before placing the Signature Attestation block on a form, create at least one Signature Attestation Type and a Signature Attestation.

  • Admin->Lookups->Attestation Type

  • Admin->Lookups->Signature Attestation

Collecting Signatures

Site administrators add the Signature Attestation block to a form.

Using a pointing device, someone can draw their signature.

The signer must click “Accept Signature” on the form to save and continue. Site administrators may want to add an instruction element to the form to make this clear.

Signature Attestations List View

Site administrators can optionally add a Signature Attestation list view to a case profile or auxiliary form to track the signatures collected on a case.

Reporting on Signatures

The Case Data > Signature Attestation subtable in reports contains the information collected by the Signature Attestation block.

Admin Setup

Signature Attestation Type

The “Signature Attestation Types” lookup allows an admin to create different categories of saved signatures. For example, an agency may want to differentiate a “Citizenship Attestation” signature from a “Consent to Representation” signature, and can create values to do so.

Optional Configuration - Signature Attestations

The “Signature Attestations” lookup allows admins to create standardized declaration, attestation, or affirmation language that can be used consistently across forms where desired. Agencies can optionally choose the “No Attestation Required” option to collect a digital signature without additional attestation languages required.

Optional Configuration - Confirmation Required

The “Confirmation Required” option, when enabled in the block, will required that a user affirmatively check a box on the form before a signature line will appear.


  • This feature does not integrate directly with external hardware electronic signature pads. Clients report that using tablets (with or without a stylus) is an affordable and versatile approach. We do not have plans to integrate with outside electronic signature pads.

  • Though some users may find it awkward to sign using a mouse or tablet, there is a “Clear Signature” button that allows the user to erase and re-sign in order to capture an acceptable signature.

  • Users *must* select “accept signature” on the signature form in order to save and continue.

  • There can only be one instance of the Signature Attestation block on a form.