Waivers (Income and Asset Eligibility)

The Waiver block can be used one or more times on a financial information form to allow a waiver request based on income, or assets, or the rarely used non-liquid assets. If a matter is ineligible on any of those factors, the user can request a waiver. A reviewer can approve the waiver and update eligibility to reflect that.

The block is available on most sites, but the Admin > Waiver Requests page must be enabled by LegalServer.

File a support request (Help menu > Support Request) to get the module enabled. There is no cost for it.

After module is enabled, the desired user role(s) need to have the "Review Waiver Requests" permission selected to see the Admin > Waiver Requests page.

Usage Notes

  • There is no explicit denial action. Waiver requests are considered denied unless approved. The typical workflow for a denial is that the person reviewing the request will contact the requestor and instruct them to reject the matter (typically an incomplete intake).

  • Reviewers must select a document template to approve a request. Sites can create a blank "dummy" template if there is no desire to produce a file that is downloaded, filled out, then uploaded to the case. See Document Templates for more information.