Applicant Conflict Check

This page displays the results of searching the database for conflicts with the information entered during the first steps of the intake.

There are a number of fields that are displayed for each result:

  • ID Number

  • Name

  • Case Number

  • Type of the result (adverse party, non-adverse party, client, additional name)

  • Date of Birth

  • Current Disposition (open case, closed case, or rejected matter)

  • Disposition Status

  • Date of the Disposition

  • Legal Problem Code

  • Primary Advocate

A score is totaled based on the closeness of the matches and the results appear with the highest scores at the top of the list. Any results that are a direct match will be in bold. If there is not a match on the first and last name the search algorithm looks to see if there is a last name match with a first name that either "sounds like" the search phrase or matches a nickname from the list in the Admin tab. An example of two names that sound alike would be John and Jon. Failing that, the search will try to find first names that "look like" the search phrase by measuring the amount of difference between two sequences. Additionally there are scores for matching date of birth, middle names matching middle initial, phone number, social security number, suffix, visa number, and a negative score for a date of birth that does not match.

The ranking of the results appears -€œout of five stars-€ on the far right. Holding the mouse pointer over the stars will display how Legal Server determined the ranking.

Below the list of results is where users can enter additional names for the client and re-run a conflict search. These include maiden names and aliases. Users can add unlimited additional names for the same client.

After examining the list of results, the user must determine if there is a conflict. Users can either select yes/no conflict or require that a conflict review is still needed before the case can be closed.